Viral Ad Illustrates Workplace Inequality

Jack Tuckner comments on viral Pantene ad
In this image from a new viral ad by Pantene, a man who is concerned about his appearance is labeled “Neat” while a woman is labeled “Vain”.

A new ad from Pantene is being shared across social media.  The ad is resonating with viewers, especially females, for perfectly illustrating how women are still battling sexist stereotypes and double standards in the workplace.

At the beginning of the ad, a male employee behind a desk discusses something with an employee behind the giant word “Boss.”  The scene then changes to a woman in the same role and the word behind her is “Bossy.”  This juxtaposition continues throughout the ad, next transitioning to a male employee behind a podium marked “Persuasive” and then a female employee behind the same podium marked “Pushy.”

The ad then shifts to target views about parents in the workplace, with a male working late labeled as “Dedicated” while a female employee working late is “Selfish.”  Even a woman’s desire to look nice in the workplace is not safe, as the ad depicts a man and woman at the bathroom mirror with the words “Neat” above the male and “Vain” above the female.  A fashionable male is even labeled “Smooth” while a well-dressed female employee is labeled a “Show-Off.”   The ad concludes with the message “Don’t let labels hold you back!”

Jack Tuckner's book on pregnancy discrimination
Jack Tuckner’s book: “Women’s Rights in the Workplace: A Guide to Pregnancy Discrimination.”

Attorney Jack Tuckner is committed to the continued struggle for equality in the workplace. His firm, Tuckner, Sipser, Weinstock & Sipser, LLP, represents women who have been discriminated against in the workplace simply due to their status as women.  Whether the issue is gender pay disparity, pregnancy discrimination or sexual harassment, Jack Tuckner also provides vital advocacy across the media spectrum, lending a voice to those who have been marginalized or undermined in the workplace due to sexist policies, practices or procedures.

One aspect the ad did not cover is pregnancy discrimination. While pregnancy discrimination is illegal in every state, it is still prevalent in workplaces throughout the United States.  Some employers treat pregnancy as an inconvenience and fire women after they become pregnant or deceive them into resigning by misrepresenting the law.  Yet, women who quit their jobs due to pregnancy-related problems will likely lose unemployment benefits at a time when they need it the most, and they’ll undermine their ability to successfully sue for sex discrimination.  Jack Tuckner addresses these and other legal challenges associated with pregnancy discrimination in his new book, “Women’s Rights in the Workplace: A Guide to Pregnancy Discrimination.”

Obtain a free copy of his book here:

For other information about workplace inequality, view the videos Jack Tuckner has uploaded to his Vimeo.

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